I am a map


Project developed at the online residency i.e. Art Projects.

Work in progress painting

I walk in my mind, where once I walked with my feet.

I feel in my head everything I once felt in my heart.

I know all the people I used to be but am no longer.

I see all those people as different, yet they all reside within me.

Working on the maps I
Working on the maps II

Reflecting on my journey as a human, I realized I have ventured into numerous countries, absorbing the culture and colors of each one.

Maps have always intrigued me. Whenever I visit a place, I make it a point to collect maps from the tourist information center. I appreciate the colors, the streets, and the symbols that guide you through the discovery of that particular location. This led me to the realization that every map is pre-constructed, dictating how and when to explore.

As a naturally curious person, I possess my own unique perspective on the world before me. With «The Sense of Place» lingering in my thoughts, I came to the realization that «I am a Map» and desired to create my own version of it, through my own lens.

Looking back at the most significant places I have lived; I chose four of them as they still hold significance in my present:





Each place represents a part of me and has shaped the person I am today. I can vividly retrace my steps through those streets, closing my eyes and inhaling the distinct aroma of each location.

There exist multiple maps because I encompass more than one identity, and each of these identities coexists within me.





I transform those walks into shapes derived from the maps of each city. I merge four shapes, each standing for one place, onto a single sheet of paper, thus creating my own map—my personal map.

Final works developed at the residency:

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