Atemporal traces

2021 – present

Project developed with FotoCreativaBa and curator Nathalia Heim.

Tulle - Work in progress I
Trace n2
Tulle - Work in progress III
Tulle - Work in progress II



  1. existing or considered without relation to time.




1. find or discover by investigation.

2. copy (a drawing, map, or design) by drawing over its lines on a superimposed piece of transparent paper.


1. a mark, object, or other indication of the existence or passing of something

2. a very small quantity, especially one too small to be accurately measured.

Bees create hives, and within these they build panels as a way of survival, this being their first resource for life, as well as to maintain the balance of biodiversity.

Human being forms internal sublayers in the body where hides everything that cannot say out loud in order to survive society and remain in balance.

Up to 80,000 bees can live in a hive.

A human body can feel 27 different emotions.

How much a body can hold?

Where does all the experiences that we live, coexist in our body?

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