Work in progress

Created and developed at the artist programme from

With this project I want to make present the duality that exist in the human being. 

“I am present
to capture
the moment,
the emotion,

I am present
to brin
what your shadow reflects
in the morning light"

It works with instructions;

1. Go out in the street with your camera.
2. Make photos of the rooftops that inspire you the most.
3. Be conscious of the emotions you are feeling in that moment. 
4. Convert those emotions into colors.
5. Convert the photographies into abstract shapes.
6. Make the screen print on the cloth.
7. Go out in nature and hang your emotion where it belong.
8. Your emotion is out. Now you can move on with your life.



Created and developed at the online residency

All started with my concern about the animals in extinction. While we were developing the project, I had the idea to use the trash to reflect the danger to their habitats and animals.

I started to accumulate trash from my daily life and I realized how many we can produce. At the end, I used trash from 3 weeks.