Collective exhibition in Madrid

Updated: Apr 22

The work "Red, Green, Black" is exhibited at the Cómplices Gallery.

If you are in Madrid, until February 11 you can enjoy the collective exhibition "2020T00", organized by Galería Cómplices.

With this show they invite the spectator to pause and contemplate the result of the analogical and manual work.

What interests them is "to collectively explore the instances in which these new media that we have naturalized so quickly —as a result of the health crisis— have coincided with the material precariousness that has simultaneously emerged as a result of the slowdown in production and consumption crowded."

With a total of 17 artists from different parts of the world, this exhibition is part of the first one of the Cómplices Gallery season.

If you have the chance to go, don't hesitate to share a photo of the exhibition on your Instagram and tag me with @nuriaalcaide_art so I can see it!


Galería Cómplices

Calle Salitre 23

Barrio Lavapiés, Madrid (Spain) 28012

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