STUDIOS (After-thoughts)

2022 - Currently working

Starting from the thoughts that come and go from my mind while I paint, these studies arise, where I focus on the use of color and how it behaves on the surface.

In each work, the conscious and unconscious gestures that I deposit on paper come together. These studies help me as triggers to return to them when I need to. They are a very important part of my process and they reveal new things to every time I go back to them.


I question the thought and where it goes, as well as where is that thought that I had and lived with me, but now does not longer exist.

This process leads me to the concept of After-thought; this is thought that I get once you I extracted all the thoughts that I am having at this very moment. After-thoughts are unconscious, and they are the accumulation of what I am, but above all, of what I was.


2022 - Currently working

I made this works during an online residency with WOC (World of Co) from Sofia, Bulgaria.


‘I started this residency thinking about the color and its meaning in my work. While the two months were going on, I began to realize how I was creating my own pattern and the colors I was using. So I decided to step back and look deeper in my color creation, because I could not create work and look into the color at the same time.


I will start from the end. The three artworks you are seeing are the result of the previous color study I made. And is also the result of all the meetings we had with the WOC members and the artists-in-residence I share this time with.


What do you see? They are just colors, one in between each other.


who are you? You are just a human with your own perceptions.

My work is open to interpretation, as every human has his own perception of life. His own experiences. His own thoughts.



“All that we are is the result of what we have thought; it is founded on our thoughts and is made of our thoughts”

Buda Gautama



The color study I started at WOC is still taking place in my own studio. It is a Work In Progress and it’s about using the three primart colors + white, black and burnt sienna and mix them with a formula I created. It’s infinite. Like color perception.’


2021 - Currently working

With this work I began to question how the observer experienced my work, so I have spent most of time observing (me), in an objective way. It is a very important process to see how the color behaves on the canvas, and to know which direction I should go.


These artworks are made up of many layers, which hide colours, strokes and time. Reaching the final work has been (and is) a constant struggle since I see myself reflected on the canvas continuously.

There are days when no matter how many layers and paints are mixed, there is no kind of evolution. There are other days that with a simple brushstroke I can transmit everything that is on my mind.


“The moment I give myself the permission to create, is the exact moment I start to express what I see in my mind. Every time I face the canvas, I am looking at myself. I am forgiving myself. This connection is inevitable. It’s inner in me.”

WHEN YOU PRETEND / hidden emotions


This collection talks about the hidden emotions and feelings in our society.

The background represents the society, while the squares  are all the parts that humans are made of and the emotions that people try to hide and avoid, like anxiety, happiness, depression,...

All the squares on the top, are the lights that are on during the day in the society. We think we can hide these emotions, but what we don't realize is that at some point all the lights will go off, and the only thing that will matter is how you feel. Society has shown us to pretend everything is perfect, with this collection I want to make visible perfection is only an imperfection of society.

WINDOWS / my artistic awakening


Society tells us what to see, when and how. You can be for years, or even a lifetime, dominated by what society wants you to be. When you start to look with your own eyes, you realize that all that time you have been blind.

The inspiration comes from the emotions that I have had quiet during these years; wanting to fit into this "perfect" society, when the only important thing to do is to be feel good with yourself.

Fighting against perfection every day is something that prevented me from creating freely, that is why this first project is called “Window”, since little by little I am opening the window towards my artistic liberation. This project is all that society has silenced me.