Nuria González Alcaide (1995)
Barcelona, Spain. Based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

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Visual abstract artist, self-taught. She took a Contemporary Art workshop at the Metàfora Academy (Barcelona) and has carried on online courses taught by MoMa (USA) and the FotoCreativaBA Artists Program “FotoComBA" (Argentina).

Nuria will start a Masters in Graphic Design in May 2022.

She has participated in collective exhibitions in Vic, Madrid and London, where she has been finalist in the competition organized by Southbank Printmakers (London). She has also been published by No Name Collective and Art Reveal Magazine, has done online residencies with Mango (Argentina) and WOC (Bulgaria) and has been selected by Fondazione Amadeo Modigliani (Venice) and Artist360 (Madrid) to participate in their art fairs.


As a child, for every store I passed, I took a business card.
Every place I visited, I bought a postcard.
And each pencil point that broke when it was sharpened, I kept them in a little box along with all the others.


As I grew up, and entered adulthood, I stopped putting together different objects that caught my attention, and began to collect emotions and feelings. Thoughts and life situations that have shaped the person I am today.

There are days when I have so much information in my head that I wish I could go back to collecting pencil nibs.

In the end I have realized that all those emotions and feelings come and go, and only stay if I decide to. I have realized that the best way to live, is not accumulating what I perceive from others, but being able to skin my emotions until they become strokes (of paint).


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2022 - Master in Graphic Design. ESDESIGN (Barcelona). Online (Upcoming)

2022 - Modern and Contemporary Art and Design. Museum of Modern Art (MoMa). Online

2021 - Programa para Artistas, FotoCreativaBA (Argentina). Online
2021 - In the Studio: Postwar Abstract Painting. Museum of Modern Art (MoMa). Online.
2021 - Foundation Program in Studio Arts. Studio Block 5-TP1. Metàfora Studio Arts. 6 weeks workshop. Barcelona, SPAIN.

Group exhibition

2022 - World of Co (Sofia, BULGARIA). Virtual exhibition.

2022 - 2020T00, Galería Cómplices. Madrid, SPAIN

2021 - X Exposición Internacional Museo Virtual Mundoarti. MundoArti. Virtual exhibition.
2021 - FotoCreativaBA (Argentina). Virtual exhibition. 
2021 - Mini-print Competition 2021. Southbank Printmakers. London, UK. 
2021 - Resilience. Smart Artist Hub (UK). Virtual exhibition. 
2021 - D31 Gallery (UK). Virtual exhibition.
2021 - Aura. The Holy Art. London, UK. 
2021 - Remember. Monat Gallery. Madrid, SPAIN.
2021 - 36 hours exhibition. Ladies Drawing Clüb. Virtual exhibition.
2021 - #SIDAV. Salón Internacional de las Artes Visuales. Abartium Galería & Estudio. Vic, SPAIN.
2021 - Colectiva contemporánea. Abartium Galería & Estudio. Vic, SPAIN.
2021 - All Tomorrow Parties. Stoa Collective. Virtual exhibition.
2021 - International Art Exhibition. Mango and L'Expressoir. Marnay Sur Seine, FRANCE.
2021 - VI Exposición Internacional. MundoArti. Virtual exhibition.
2021 - Abstract 2. Art Show International. Virtual exhibition.
2021 - Goya, 275 aniversario de su nacimiento. Asociación Española de Pintores y Escultores (AEPE). Madrid, SPAIN.
2021 - Persona. The Holy Art. Virtual exhibition.

Art fairs

2022 - Biennale di Venezia Modigliani Opera Vision, Amedeo Modigliani Foundation. Venice, ITALY

2022 - Feria de arte contemporáneo, Artist 360º. Madrid, SPAIN

2021 - International contemporary art fair, Art3f, MONACO

Publications and mentions

2022 - Al-Tiba9, interview. (upcoming)

2022 - Artist of the month February 2022, Smart Artist Hub.

2021 - Smart Artist Hub, interview with director Claudia Elliott.
2021 - Art Reveal Magazine, Issue 62. 
2021 - Revistart, nº 204, nº 205.
2021 - Libro Marino
2021 - Loupe artist, platform of streaming art.
2021 - Art Hole, Issue 15.
2021 - No Name Collective, April Issue, page 50-51
2021 - Burnt Orange City, interview with director Harriet Adkin.
2021 - Mango, residencia para artistas, interview with founder of MANGO.
2020 - Flamantes, winter edition.


2022 - WOC, World of Co Artist Residency. Online.

2020 - Mango, residencia para artistas "Online International Residency con exhibición en Marnay Sur Seine, Francia". Oct-Dec.